Thursday, 3 November 2016

The hull needs to be fitted with a mast box and RC trays. This is easily made from 3.5mm hardwood ply then sealed. The pictures below show the fitting out of a hull.

The image above shows the sheets of lead flashing in the keel recess. the total weight of lead required is 8.4Kg
The total weight of the bare hull should be 11.7Kg with lead.

The picture above shows the mast box in place with the cenre measuring 68cm from the bow tip.
The mast box, RC trays and deck can be made from 3.6mm ply.

The finished mast box and RC trays.
The mast box is constructed then placed in the hull, supports are added as in the picture above.
If the top of the mast box is sitting proud of the deck it can be sanded flush.

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