Saturday, 7 January 2017

Winch and rudder servo.

There are plenty of Winches to choose from but to keep it simple I'm going to recommend what I already know works with no issues.
I use an RMG available from SmartWinch UK.
I have had no issues with My current RMG winch, its due a service and well worth it.


I would recommend the self tentioning drum.

 I've  chosen a Power HD 20Kg servo for the rudder, I use a 6.6 volts LiFe battery so this is the ideal match.

Friday, 6 January 2017

The Deck and Access.

The deck as mentioned before is made from 3.6 mm ply wood. I have used one piece but a two piece deck would be fine, I just don't like joins in the middle so its a personal preference.Cutting 3.6mm ply wood requires a few knife blades and it takes a while to sand , fit and cut out the access cutouts.
Other material for a deck can be used and a nice light weight plastic deck could be fitted if you have access to a CNC cutting service in your town.

 The rear access above has been beveled, you won't see this when the patches are in place but it gives a nice edge for the patches.

 The deck is varnished, about five coats will give it a good seal and shine. Don't forget to varnish the underside too enough to seal it.

 I used a lid from a blender jar from the Nutri Bullet range, the top was open which allows a nice wood insert.


 The Nutri Bullet jar is about £8.00 but is well made, pitty you have to cut most of it off!

The rest of the deck fittings can now be fitted and the winch set up , this process should take an evening to do.

I've used a slide plate for 14mm groovy mast, the plate is adjustable and available from Sails etc. 

As far as the deck and hull are concerned that's the yacht pretty much ready for sailing , just the jib sail to fit.
Although P.J. sails will quote and supply what you need to rig this yacht it is not a kit and you will need to know what your doing regards to building the rig.
 P.J. sails will not supply build instructions.
I have included reference photos on the blog and I will support any questions if I can.

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

A complete rig, sail and deck kit can be ordered from PJ sails, just quote "Dolphin Booth" for a price.
the quote will be for a light weight scrim sail if you wish a different material you will have to make this clear when requesting your quote. PJ sails may have a lead time of 12 weeks for the sails. 

 P.J.SAILS Telephone 01202 744101 or email us