Thursday, 29 December 2016

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You can send a message via the Facebook page regarding any queries or share your build photos. 

 Please note

The mold for these hulls was taken from an original hull and therefore have slight imperfections that will require filling or buffing down or they can be left to add character to your yacht. 
These slight imperfections will not effect the performance of the hull. 

Friday, 9 December 2016

The second run of hulls.

The second run of hulls have a lip for easy fitting of the deck and built in rigidity.
All round lip for ease of deck fitting.

The following pictures show the hull with 1/4 inch wood strips fitted for the deck to be fixed to. If you have the new hull with the deck flange as above you will not need to fit these. You will need to fit cross members to support the deck.

Current build progress

With the lead glued in place using 30 minute epoxy and an aluminum carry handle screwed firmly  into the lead plates, the build is progressing . The keel requires 8.4Kg of lead.

 Aluminum handle screwed into the lead plates with an lead cap.
This should be sealed using epoxy and glass cloth.

 The mast box sealed with yacht varnish.
This will most likely be sitting proud of the deck so sanding will be required.

 first test fit of mast.
A test fit of the mast is optional but not necessary.